hi, i’m helena…

My Journey


I am always exploring the nature of my energy.  This is both a spiritual and human exploration for me. Navigating between the spiritual and human worlds is my passion. I participate in ways to support my energy, my sensitivities and find my strengths so that I can thrive and live the life that I fully believe in.

My connection to a feeling that is greater than my human self has been a thread of strength for me, even as a child, when I didn’t really know what that was exactly. I would stare out the window, often when I was being driven in the car and be with the part of myself that felt like it was never ending. I have chosen that feeling, that energy, to become a place of focus for me in my life. This connection to infinite intelligence or Source energy, that I now call it, has become an anchor point for me. It is the place where I access my soul, my clarity and an expansion into who I came here to be and create from.

I conciously use my connection to my soul and Source Energy to support and guide me through every experience of my life. I have spent many years in conscious self-exploration.

I draw upon many life experiences including eating issues, trauma, PTSD, intuitive, psychic and spiritual awakenings, solo travel, a move to Australia (I am from England), experiencing a tsunami, pregnancy and birth and mothering of two children, a difficult post-birth experience, auto-immune health challenges and remission and of course all the ecclectic experiences that come from being in human relationships.

I believe that I am the powerful creator of all my experiences in life. I am dedicated to continue opening my awareness to this everyday.

Working with you

I accurately reflect your soul and true self back to you. It is my passion to be participating in an Intuitive practice that offers this experience to other people, and promotes clarity, connection and empowerment within people in really practical ways. 

I believe the experience of deeply knowing ourselves as multi-dimensional beings is ancient. I see it as a place we are returning to in order to more deeply connect, evolve and create lives that we actually truly desire to live.

Bringing together my energy, sensitivities and connection to Source I have created my Intuitive Insight sessions. My sessions are accessible, heartfelt and expansive, guiding you to move beyond your limitations and create the life you know in your heart feels meaningful.  Experience more of your unique self and find a greater connection with all of life.

Helena’s guidance session for me was quite unique to other guidance sessions I have received.  I had various topics I wanted to discuss, but the perfection of this was not just receiving guidance on these things, it was how beautifully Helena was able to articulate these messages in such a way that resonated deeply with me.

Helena has complete dedication to holding a sacred space, that for me was filled with positive energy, love and light.  I loved how in this space she was able to clarify my thoughts before I could even put them into words, this surprised me at times!  I also loved her gentle approach and softness in energy.

Helena has a beautiful gift in translating messages from Spirit and bringing them through with great clarity and deep insight.

I walked away with a renewed sense of self, a renewed sense of wholeness, worthiness and excitement for life.  Helena shone a light into parts of me that I did not even know existed, thank you xxx


Health practitioner