Intuitive Readings and Mentoring for REAL LIFE.

I am both practical and spiritual. I have a down-to-earth approach to the insights and support I offer. I take care to translate the energy of what you are experiencing in a way that is both accessible and offers you the opportunity for mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

I call myself an Energy Intuitive; meaning that I sense, feel, see and hear subtle energy within and around people. I believe we all have this capacity in some way and I love to support people who are on a journey to establishing their own Intuitive senses for a therapeutic purpose.

I use my intuitive abilities to validate, educate and clarify life, business, career and relationship experiences and for spiritual and soul growth. A session can be catalytic and cultivate feelings of peace, clarity, openness, growing awareness, love and joy.

During a session we sit opposite each other in comfy chairs in a beautiful consulting room in Glenelg, South Australia. I work with many clients globally and we use video skype to conduct a session. I create a loving, safe and expansive therapeutic space for both men and women to explore what is present for them right now and to get clarity on what it is they want to create.

Readings and Mentoring involve a lot of information, understanding of your unique circumstances, personal guidance and insight. There is opportunity for you to ask your questions. I recommend recording sessions as you can relisten to support your education and growth. Guided hands-free energy work may be required during a session to support your growing awareness and embodied understanding.

Ongoing Mentoring supports your mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual growth.

My down-to-earth spiritual approach to empathic and intuitive experiences are a relief and breath of fresh air to many who are awakening. I seek to normalise the mysticism we have created around these experiences and I work with compassion to support you to find comfort and appreciation for who you are and what you experience.

If you are looking for understanding, clarity and deeper insights into yourself and your unique life experiences contact me by phone or email.

Here is feedback from people I have worked with:


“It’s an honour to spend time with you, Helena. You have such a gift of being able to work with Spirit and energy and speak it in a very down to earth, practical way. Thank you for your guidance. I have grown to a deeper understanding of my role in my life, and those around me, how I could change my thoughts and intentions to bring more love and harmony to my world.”  T.P


I was prepared to follow through on your suggestions but I was still not 100% convinced. I did the work and got some very significant results in under 2 weeks with an issue I had no answer for after many years. After working with you I feel relieved, enlightened and supported. I now don’t feel like I’m battling against life to achieve what I want. I feel like I’m working with it. Wouldn’t have got here with out your help.”  Adam.B


“Helena has helped me reconnect with who I truly am, and what I am capable of if I tune into what is happening with my soul. I feel magical, brave, and with clarity”  Gen B


“I walked away with a renewed sense of self, a renewed sense of wholeness, worthiness and excitement for life.  Helena shone a light into parts of me that I did not even know existed.” Stacey.L 

“Being an intuitive and being able to sit comfortably within that space has been a struggle for me, I have always felt like I was walking blindly through life and never having a true understanding of why I was the way I was. Needing some form of understanding and clarity has been something I’ve continually searched for, but never found, until I met Helena. Seeing her has been life changing for me and I would highly recommend her mentoring.” Cherie A