Sensitive Spiritual Souls

to cultivate a connection with themselves that creates a life they want to live.



To You sensitive, empathic Men and Women who crave for peace and expansion in your life without sacrificing your soul..

There is one very thing that stands between you and your awakening into greatest.

Your greatness awakens when you make a CHOICE:

to own your worth,

remember yourself as LOVE,

reframe your pain into your power and purpose

and truly honour your creative brilliance…

when you do this life starts flowing through you.

I know you secretly desire more greatness.

As I used to.

I know you believe in your divine potential.

You are done with playing small, getting by, and leaving that sacred part of you to one-side


you are ready to commit to yourself, release yourself from hiding in the shadows and begin to create the life you want to have.

Hello there..I am Helena Lee,

I am your Intuitive Soul Mentor, Energy Intuitive and Spiritual Guide.

It is my creative desire to awaken, educate and empower the wave of Sensitive Intuitive Souls to rise into their purpose through conscious SELF awakening, grounded transformation strategy and powerful identity shifts. I see you. Welcome here…

I see so much hiding away, emotional confusion and disembodied energy from you graceful creatures and it only serves to fuel all my Intuitive Mentor work. I get it. I was there, that was me hiding, floating and uncertain. We need to begin to focus our intuitive energy on deeply connecting with ourselves and our emotional needs, learn to ground and embody our spiritual energy and make peace with and honour our human existence so we can bring our sacred light to the world. Light your flame , so you can light others…

How can you open hearts, affect lives and inspire change when you are overwhelmed, lost and hiding away under your shadows?

If you want to feel good and empowered in your life and create a REAL HAPPY future then you must change your relationship with your heart, your creative brilliance and your WORTH.


I have been where you are. I was struggling with overwhelm, feeling broken, in pain and not knowing where I was going. I used to feel so unsafe in life, so lost, stuck and swamped by the feelings and emotions of everybody else. I had secret dreams of feeling ALIVE, CREATIVE and SPIRITUAL AWAKE working in the healing arts and working with spirit to create transformation for people. I daren’t tell anyone though.. who was I to have that dream? It was actually my dream though, I created it, I dreamt it and it was ME and NOW it is ME, it is now my life experience.

I know you have secret dreams too… I’d love to hear them.

I have spent a lifetime fascinated by human and spiritual energy employing my own mentors to coach and guide me to deepen my wisdom and insight. I am courageous and determined with always a strong connection to my Soul Energy that is my lifeline through the darkness, the unknown and the fear. I always keep nourishing my SOUL ENERGY by listening deeply to myself, asking, feeling and following the guidance step by step.

My heart, my creativity and my life has been in rapid transformation as I continue to step into my greater self over and over again. Shape shifting, exploring, accepting, resisting (I am human!), integrating, mastering and awakening again and again to express more of the love and divinity that I am into human form.


It’s an honour to spend time with you, Helena. You have such a gift of being able to work with Spirit and energy and speak it in a very down to earth, practical way. Thank you for your guidance. I have grown to a deeper understanding of my role in my life, and those around me, how I could change my thoughts and intentions to bring more love and harmony to my world.” T.P

I was prepared to follow through on your suggestions but I was still not 100% convinced. I did the work and got some very significant results in under 2 weeks with an issue I had no answer for after many years. After working with you I feel relieved, enlightened and supported. I now don’t feel like I’m battling against life to achieve what I want. I feel like I’m working with it. Wouldn’t have got here with out your help.” Adam.B

“Helena has helped me reconnect with who I truly am, and what I am capable of if I tune into what is happening with my soul. I feel magical, brave, and with clarity” Gen B

I BELIEVE you have the power to change your REALITY and rewrite your future.

I KNOW it is your time to live YOUR PURPOSE as LOVE, JOY and FREEDOM.

I BELIEVE that your real transformation begins when you CHOOSE to back yourself and OWN who you are.

I KNOW that when you receive incredible loving support and guidance you can rock your superpowers into existence.

Honestly, Are you ready to feel more clarity and insight about your life? To be able to focus on yourself lovingly and know what you need? To know your strengths and trust that you can make great decisions?


Book in with ME and lets explore how this journey will unfold for you

Helena’s guidance sessions for me were quite unique to other guidance sessions I have received.  I had various topics I wanted to discuss, but the perfection of this was not just receiving guidance on these things, it was how beautifully Helena was able to articulate these messages in such a way that resonated deeply with me.

Helena has complete dedication to holding a sacred space, that for me was filled with positive energy, love and light.  I loved how in this space she was able to clarify my thoughts before I could even put them into words, this surprised me at times!  I also loved her gentle approach and softness in energy.

Helena has a beautiful gift in translating messages from Spirit and bringing them through with great clarity and deep insight.

I walked away with a renewed sense of self, a renewed sense of wholeness, worthiness and excitement for life.  Helena shone a light into parts of me that I did not even know existed, thank you xxx


Health practitioner