greater peace, fulfilment and joy

in your life



Hello and welcome here… my name is Helena Lee,


I have spent a lifetime fascinated by the interweavings of human and spiritual energy. I have found over the years many different mentors to catalyse my healing, support the integration of my wisdom and insight and expand my awareness.

I believe we all have a resonance with loving truth. The experience of being held in a therapeutic space of truth and love can be catalytic and profoundly healing. It is my passion to offer this loving therapeutic experience to you, to invite your own personal healing to unfold, to allow the integration of your vast wisdom and the truth of your awareness to unfold into. I use multidimensional skills to support my mentoring practice including guided energy work if supportive for your process.

If you are looking for the deeper insights into yourself and the understanding of the life experiences you are currently having, contact me and lets explore how this mentoring space can support your process.

Here are some words from people I have worked with:

“It’s an honour to spend time with you, Helena. You have such a gift of being able to work with Spirit and energy and speak it in a very down to earth, practical way. Thank you for your guidance. I have grown to a deeper understanding of my role in my life, and those around me, how I could change my thoughts and intentions to bring more love and harmony to my world.”  T.P

I was prepared to follow through on your suggestions but I was still not 100% convinced. I did the work and got some very significant results in under 2 weeks with an issue I had no answer for after many years. After working with you I feel relieved, enlightened and supported. I now don’t feel like I’m battling against life to achieve what I want. I feel like I’m working with it. Wouldn’t have got here with out your help.”  Adam.B

“Helena has helped me reconnect with who I truly am, and what I am capable of if I tune into what is happening with my soul. I feel magical, brave, and with clarity”  Gen B

“I walked away with a renewed sense of self, a renewed sense of wholeness, worthiness and excitement for life.  Helena shone a light into parts of me that I did not even know existed.” Stacey.L