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“Empowering Empaths”

Appreciating your gift with understanding, wisdom and tools

Sunday 8th April 2018 


Fleurieu Yoga

Tickets $40 (limited number available)

An Empath is someone who has a gift, in at least one area, for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person. The most common areas are emotionally and physically however there are many many other significant empath gifts.

Being an EMPATH is a skill you are born with that can be understood, learnt, practiced and appreciated. It is a beautiful gift to be an empath only when we can become skilled in really appreciating what it is that it has to offer you and possibly others.

Being an un-known and unskilled empath can be a heavy burden to carry, affecting every area of your life. As an unknown or unskilled empath you can be picking up on other people’s stuff unconsciously and carrying it around with you day after day after day. It can be difficult to find where we Ourselves are in amoungst the overwhleming sensations. It can make social situations, friendships, partnership and parenting very interesting and potentially exhausting.

As an Empath you have a certain quality of energy and light that I believe is vital for understanding and knowing who you really are and to fully appreciate your experience of life so far. With knowledge and wisdom and an empowered self understanding of your empathic gifts you have the power to really create the life you desire.

EMPOWERING EMPATHS: Appreciating your gift with understanding, wisdom & tools

Whether you believe yourself to be an EMPATH, you suspect you might have empathic tendencies, you have children who you believe are EMPATHS or you find yourself curious about what being an EMPATH REALLY MEANS… this TALK is for you.

Understanding your Empath skills and what this really means for you can really CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Ever since I acknowledged my sensitivities as an Empath, I have been on a journey of discovery to really understand the depth of this skill. My empathic gifts now contribute to the work I do supporting and guiding others to a place of empowerment about who they are and the life potential they have inside them.


I will be covering the following topics with you as well as sharing my own personal discoveries:

  • The true meaning and appreciation of the empath skill and the different types of empaths you may identify with
  • How empath skill really works
  • What you may be experiencing as an unskilled, unaware Empath and why
  • Why working on lifestyle changes can never fully help an unaware empath
  • How you can turn the empath skill on and off (yes it is possible)
  • How to bring more of a sense of empowerment into your life
  • Appreciating your empath skill as a beautiful gift

There will be opportunity at the end of the talk to ask YOUR questions.


Why I am giving this talk…

About 4 years ago I was lying in my bed with a virus and I felt guided to start exploring my sensitivities…

I had always known I was sensitive.

I was sensitive to people, sensitive to energy and I was aware that I knew more and could feel more about people than they would be saying.

This was all I was really aware of back then.

I thought I was a bit nosey (!) or that I was perceptive and a bit overcurious about others… it didn’t however stop any of the feelings, the confusion, the knowing and the deep understanding I had for people that I hardly knew or hadn’t even spoken to.

The trouble was, and this went to new heights after my two children were born, I would get overwhelmed around people very easily.

When I say overwhelmed, it is as if all my senses were flooded, full and I would sometimes be left staring out the window, with a numbness.

I could get overwhelmed in a group of people even if I hadn’t spoken to anyone. I even remember as a child having the feeling that people were always really loud, and this for me is a direct understanding that I was experiencing a lot more about people than they were communicating.

Mothering my two children and being an un-known, unskilled EMPATH took the life of overwhelm to a whole new level.

I felt bombarded by sensations constantly, my skin felt permeable and I used to feel as though there was no space of my own to be in. I know parenting has it’s incredible intensity however trying to parent as an unknown or unskilled empath can be the most confusing time, leading to a saturation of your nervous system, anxiety, massive overwhelm, agraphobia and feelings of severe isolation.

I believe we are all empathic to a certain degree however some people come into this world with the volume dial turned up HIGH…. and they don’t even know it. I am one of them. Maybe you are one of them too?

Four years ago I started to explore this idea that maybe I was an EMPATH afterall. It had been around me for a while, the idea, the word…I had the space to explore and what i discovered…


I started to read book after book about the real everyday experience of being an empath.

I gained a perspective and understanding of my life that really made sense. I could resonate with story after story that I read.

It was an incredible relief, a breath of fresh, fresh air and with the help of some guidance and mentoring I started to find a strength of myself that I had always believed in.

Today I have an appreciation for my Empath gifts that has developed into the creation of my consultation practice in Glenelg. I use my empathic gifts to reflect to my clients what is present for them physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and at a soul level. This information assists my clients with their personal journey to believe in who they really are, move beyond their limitations and create the life they truly desire.

Appreciation of your Empath skills has life altering possibility.


This is Down-to -Earth Spirituality: TALKS that are contributing to the conversations we are all having somewhere to generate a meaningful connection with our soul and our intuitive, spiritual self.


Sunday 8th April 10-12pm

Fleurieu Yoga, Aldinga

Tickets $40


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Monthly Group

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This is an opportunity to be part of a supportive, expansive group that is dedicated to self empowerment and cultivating connection to soul energy with the intention to create more of the lives we desire to lead.

Give yourself the opportunity out of your life to come and really connect with your Self and focus on your emaotional and creative life. Get clear about where you are in your life and what it is you want to see happen in your life.

You will receive information about the energetic themes of the year and the month.  Guided practical exercises will get you connecting with your soul energy and developing a deeper feeling of connection to the energy of Source or Spirit. 

Together we explore expanding beyond our limitations and focusing on the lives we want to create.

Receive your own personal guidance and feedback from me in group sharing. Sharing is not compulsory, simply being present represents a rich opportunity to learn and explore.

You will leave with a grounded focus and intention for the New Moon.

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