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Intuitive Readings & Mentoring


Intuitive Readings

& Mentoring


Intuitive Readings & Mentoring

Are you curious about where your unique life experiences are guiding you?

I support curious men and women to dive deeper into their connection with themselves on a both a human and spiritual level.

I sense, feel, see and hear subtle energy in and around people. I translate this energy to offer you profound understanding, personal guidance and insight into your unique circumstances. This brings feelings of relief, clarity and awareness to you.

Ongoing Mentoring provides personal support to validate, educate and clarify your life experiences and enhances your intuitive, spiritual and soul growth.

Guided Energy work may be used during a session to support your growing awareness.

“Your unique experiences are guiding you to a deeper connection with yourself.”




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Move beyond limitations,
expand into more possibilities.

I am driven by a desire to support people to connect with their inner light and their personal fire. I see myself as a Soul Activator as the energy that I bring to my clients speaks to them at a soul level and activates the inner fire within them. I support my clients to journey into their inner world in a safe, healing and spiritually rich way.

With experiences as an Empath and Intuitive, I know what it’s like to live a life floating in other people’s energy, seeking refuge in my spiritual life and feeling desperate to find my purpose and use my “gifts”… with no idea of how to get “there”. I was courageous and determined to awaken to more of my true potential. Although I have carved out my own pathways, I received support and guidance in my awakening and healing.

Does any of this sounds familiar? Or perhaps you are still doing all the Inner Work yet still feeling a bit Stuck or unsure?

I am here to support you…

Your Mentoring session is all about you: what you are currently experiencing, what you desire to move towards, what changes you would like to make and how you feel.

My work is to offer you an understanding of your life experiences that you can connect with, that offers you personal insight and guidance into where you are right now and where you want to go. I support you to connect with your soulful desires and to re-own, where necessary, your intuitive and sensory experiences as your navigational life compass.

I believe that life is here for us and deeper self connection cultivates more harmony, inner peace and joyfulness in life, even though it can feel scary at times to go there.

Helena’s insight and compassion inspire me to be the person I want to be, and to keep creating the life I want and the world I want to live in.
— Michele McCrea Ph.D


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I invite you to explore the opportunity of feeling more clarity, peace and joy in your life. Give me a text, call or email and we will explore your needs and how I can support you. I look forward to empowering you with you.

love, Helena