Intuitive Insight by helena

Intuitive Insight by helena

Move beyond your limitations

Connect to who you came here to be

Create the life you truly desire.

I offer Intuitive Energy Readings and Soul-Focused mentoring for real life.

I reflect your soul voice and true self back to you.

This information stimulates the ability to reawaken and validate your own inner voice and healing wisdom. What I offer supports you to have a clearer picture of where you are now, and move beyond limitation to create the life you truly desire. 

Regular sessions offer an opportunity to enliven your soul connection and empower you to keep creating the life and relationships you desire.

I am always exploring myself from both a human and spiritual perspective. I aim to make human, energetic and spiritual experiences practical, useful and expansive. Bringing together my energy, sensitivities and connection to Spirit, I continue to shape my consultation work, talks and workshops to promote self awareness, connection and empowerment within people.

I look forward to empowering You with You… Helena xx


Work with Me…

  • CHAT exploring what a session can do for you                                    10 min FREE
  • MONTHLY INSIGHT GROUP Receive Intuitive insight & guidance focused around the monthly energy themes, practical exercises to get you connected with your soul energy and creating what you really want. Receive your own guidance and feedback from me in group sharing.        Third Friday every month 6.30-9pm $30
  • PRIVATE GROUP GUIDANCE & MENTORING Based on individual requirements POA
  • SPEAKER ON DOWN-TO-EARTH SPIRITUALITY: Cultivating empowerment to our true self, our soul and our spirituality in really practical ways. POA


I came away feeling deeply empowered and uplifted. I gained clarity about the purpose of my current situation. I felt empowered to meet my situation and become more of who I realy am.

It provided a very fresh and new perspective on my current situation, offering insights and practical strategies to move forwards. I feel deeply grateful for the service Helena provided to me and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking deep insights into themselves and their life.

Kathryn Winch, Psychologist

Empowering You with You…

Is a session for you?

Some of the concerns people come to see me for…

  • Feeling Uninspired: seeking purpose and meaning
  • Feeling sad & confused: seeking insight & understanding into unique life and relationship experiences
  • Feeling lost: needing a reconnection with their soul and true self
  • Feeling stuck in life: needing insight & guidance for the way forwards
  • Feeling unsure: needing light and wisdom into a physical, mental or emotional experience
  • Feeling out of control:  needing support and understanding for intuitive and psychic experiences
  • Feeling overwhelmed: needing empowerment for unique experiences of life as an Empath

Sessions are held in this beautiful, powerful, loving, safe space in Glenelg, South Australia. Skype sessions also available for Interstate and International clients and those cannot presently travel.



Benefits of an intuitive insight session with me…

I reflect to you, your true soul self.

What your soul is wanting you to know about yourself and what your soul is wanting to create in your life.

I believe it is profoundly catalytic, validating and empowering to be accurately reflected.


I offer you the opportunity to experience:

  • A deeper appreciation and understanding of who you really are
  • A reconnection with your soul, your true Self
  • A remembering of the life you know in your heart is possible
  • The supports and subtle energetic changes you require to bring about the changes you want in your life
  • Your own personal healing
  • Insights to overcome your limitations and realise your strengths
  • Guidance from Source that meets you where you are.

“A friend of mine recommended I should go and have a session with Helena Lee. On meeting her I felt a very centred, gentle and loving soul. The meeting begins with Helena Lee connecting and seeing where life is for you and then a conversation and guidance begins. Every time I have seen her I come away with more clarity, closer to understanding my higher-self and more focus. Helena-Lee’s approach is pure loving and you do feel like you are being swaddle in loving and care. Her manner is quietly spoken but finely tuned into where you are right then and I always feel that she has seen me and the deeper issues I have come discover with her astute awareness.”

K-J, Adelaide

why book a session?


You are seeking to:

  • Move beyond your limitations and realise your true strengths
  • Be the person who you came here to be
  • Live a life that feels aligned to your soul desires
  • Remember how powerful you are and live more fully from this place
  • Create the life and relationships that you know in your heart is truly possible for you
  • Live from your heart and soul creating a life that enriches and nourishes all that you are

“Helena’s session for me & my sweet two year old was so incredibly accurate. She gave validation to so many of the things I was already feeling and also incredibly beneficial practical advice and things to work with moving forward. The whole experience gave me the greatest sense of peace, of being ‘on track’, of trusting my intuition and knowing that everything is unfolding perfectly. Thank you wonderful wise woman!”

Kristin Nelson

Yoga Teacher, Fleurieu Yoga

The practical stuff

In-person Sessions 

I provide in-person Intuitive Insight Sessions in a beautiful, loving, safe room in Glenelg, Adelaide; South Australia.

Skype sessions

I provide Skype sessions for International and Interstate clients and those who cannot presently travel.

Children Sessions

A session for a child takes place in-person with a parent or solely with the parent or guardian (dependant on the age of the child). This will be decided together prior to your session.

If you are thinking about working with me how about a 10 minute FREE Chat together to explore any questions you may have… contact me or call 0433623023.

Make a booking on the Bookings page, or alternatively contact me directly on 0433623023 and I will get in touch to arrange your session.

Frequency of sessions

Regular sessions offer an opportunity to enliven your soul connection and empower you to keep creating the life and relationships you truly desire.


Sessions are AU$120 for 1 hour

Payment can be made in cash or by EFTPOS on the day or by bank transfer or through Paypal using a credit card prior to the session.


Length of sessions

Sessions are  1 hr 

I recommend you have a quiet day and evening following a session to receive the most benefit.

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