Transformational Mentor for Empaths and Sensitives

Transformational Mentor for Empaths & Sensitives

You are creative, spiritual, intuitive and empathic.

but not thriving in life as you want to.


In all honesty…

you may even feel quite stuck and burdened by life.

The truth is…

you want to use your soul gifts to bring

more peace and harmony to the world.


Even though you do a lot of self work


most of your energy goes into managing life… absorbing other

people’s energy often feeling

anxious, over sensitive, lacking in confidence and self belief

You are also

strong, courageous, brave and determined

with a lot of big ideas to offer the world

So where DO YOU START….


YOU can be empathic, sensitive, spiritual and creative

AND live in confidence, self-belief, peace and harmony

I want to show you how.

I work with courageous and determined men and women like you…that want to feel confident in who they intuitively are, start feeling energetically strong, clear and centred, living a meaningful life connected to their soul.


I came away feeling deeply empowered and uplifted. I gained clarity about the purpose of my current situation. I felt empowered to meet my situation and become more of who I realy am.

It provided a very fresh and new perspective on my current situation, offering insights and practical strategies to move forwards. I feel deeply grateful for the service Helena provided to me and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking deep insights into themselves and their life.

Kathryn Winch, Psychologist

Grow in confidence and self belief

Realise who you really are


This is not one size fits all mentoring.

This is unique for Intuitive Empaths like you to:

  • Learn the power and potential of your spiritual, sensitive and empathic gifts
  • Reconnect with your inner voice that knows the best pathway for you
  • Get the practical & energetic strategies to overcome what is holding you back 
  • Discover how to find your purpose 
  • Step-by-step plan on how to have strong, clear energy and discern what is other peoples
  • Feel empowered by your sensitive, spiritual, empathic energy in all different situations.

Mentoring sessions are held with Helena fortnightly.

In-person in this beautiful room in Glenelg, South Australia or via Skype. 


You don’t have to work this out on your own anymore…

I reflect to you, your true soul self.

What your soul is wanting you to know about yourself


  • Appreciation, acknowledgement and understanding of who you came here to be.
  • The real answers for why you feel lost.
  • Guided tools to feel safe in the world
  • Reconnection with your soul desires
  • Remembering of the life you know in your heart is possible
  • Energetic tools to maintain clear, strong, grounded you
  • Your own personal healing to open your heart
  • Insights to overcome trust, disappointment and shame issues.
  • How to embrace your intuitive empathic senses
  • How to work with divine energy for support
  • Guidance from Source that meets you where you are.

“A friend of mine recommended I should go and have a session with Helena Lee. On meeting her I felt a very centred, gentle and loving soul. The meeting begins with Helena Lee connecting and seeing where life is for you and then a conversation and guidance begins. Every time I have seen her I come away with more clarity, closer to understanding my higher-self and more focus. Helena-Lee’s approach is pure loving and you do feel like you are being swaddle in loving and care. Her manner is quietly spoken but finely tuned into where you are right then and I always feel that she has seen me and the deeper issues I have come to discover with her astute awareness.”

K-J, Adelaide

Thriving as an Intuitive Empath and Sensitive has only been possible for me and my clients because we have

      • Appreciated our unique energetic nature and instilled empowerment strategies instead of coping mechanisms

      • Recognised what we do when interacting and connecting with people and chose to stay with our own energy (using tools) even though it was uncomfortable

      • Asked for help, support and guidance when we didn’t have the knowledge, tools and strategies that we needed.

I want to show you how…

“Helena’s session for me & my sweet two year old was so incredibly accurate. She gave validation to so many of the things I was already feeling and also incredibly beneficial practical advice and things to work with moving forward. The whole experience gave me the greatest sense of peace, of being ‘on track’, of trusting my intuition and knowing that everything is unfolding perfectly. Thank you wonderful wise woman!”

Kristin Nelson

Yoga Teacher, Fleurieu Yoga