Intuitive Mentoring

I invite you into a greater flow of peace and joy



Intuitive Mentoring

I invite you into a greater flow of Peace & Joy

Welcome…I am very happy you are here.


Intuitive Mentoring supports you to evolve the conversation and connection that you have between You and You.

As we understand what goes on in these internal conversations, we can also listen more deeply to the whisperings of the Soul.

Receiving this clarity around your own inner conversations and hearing the voice of your Soul cultivates feelings of peace and knowing and a more harmonious and supportive experience of Yourself and Life.

Navigating Life then has the potential to flow like water with trust, ease and love.

Intuitive Mentoring involves detailed information, awareness and guided energy work to support you in each step of your process.  

I use a variety of multidimensional skills to access and support the integration of your wisdom, creativity and love.

The healing space transcends judgement, focusing instead on getting clear about what is present and what aspects of you are wanting to be heard.

Energy work will be offered as needed to support a shift in energy at a subtle integratal (mental, emotional and physical) level. Hands-free, guided processes are used for this experience.

Working with Helena opens up a magical space for me to understand and experience my life in a new way. With her guidance, I step into a world full of promise, kindness and infinite creativity. All that is required is for me to fully imagine my brave new world—and to have the courage to keep stepping into it. Helena’s wise counsel and loving presence catalyse a shift in my awareness so that I can effortlessly access my own intuitive wisdom and know what is right for me. This carries on into my life. Helena’s insight and compassion inspire me to be the person I want to be, and to keep creating the life I want and the world I want to live in.

Michele McCrea Ph.D

Divine presence with yourself 

“Lost” used to be my middle name… I know the experience of living a life floating in other people’s energy, seeking refuge in my spiritual life and feeling desperate to find my purpose and use my “gifts” with no idea how to get “there”… I was courageous and determined and desperate to awaken to my true potential. Does this sounds familiar? Or Perhaps you are doing all the Inner Work yet still feeling Stuck?

Many clients come to me with the feeling of stuckness or feeling Lost. They find themselves, again, in situations which feel like “a problem” and they can’t FIND their way out of.

The mind loves a problem as it gives it something to DO, something to SOLVE. What if there was No problem as such and there was nothing for you to Do or SOLVE. 

What if this experience you are having is the next opportunity to cultivate a divine presence with yourself, to listen deeply, to land into life, to practice more loving. 

When we move beyond the limitation of PROBLEMS, life expands into a landscape of opportunity.

Together in a session we may explore:


  • Seeing the perfection in your life experiences, creating clarity, insight and an opportunity to appreciate what’s here right now and where we are being invited to grow.
  • Recognising your creative potential and how you can use this in your life, work and relationships and to feel clear.
  • Reconnecting with your inner soul voice, that inner wisdom we all have that quietly guides you through life.
  • Trusting and remembering yourself AS love, reclaiming it from past experiences and include yourself in loving kindness.
  • Balancing and Integrating your Energy and Intutive Sensitivities with Guided energy work and Meditations
  • Reconnecting to a knowing of support and connection with Life 
  • The greatest visions for yourself and Life experiences
  • Activating and connecting to your creativity, joy and fun.

Regular Intuitive Mentoring supports your unfolding process into greater peace, joy and Love.

Nurturing your Inner life

cultivates more harmony, balance and peace

Hello and welcome My name is Helena…

I created Intuitive Mentoring to support men and women, of all ages, to connect deeply with themselves, access their own healing, integrate their wisdom and live in peacefulness.

I use a range of multi-dimensional skills to support your process and unfolding.

I specialise in working with…

  • Sensitive Empathic people navigating relationships & life
  • Healers looking to find the purity in their work
  • Creative professionals desiring greater peace & fulfillment
  • Those who feel lost, or stuck in the world at present
  • Potential Healers seeking to expand into this work
  • People in search of greater joy and peace in their lives

I invite you to explore the experience of greater balance, peace and harmony in the relationship with yourself… Give me a call or email and we will explore how this work can support you.

To you, the greatest of creations,

love, love, love





“A friend of mine recommended I should go and work with Helena Lee. On meeting her I felt a very centred, gentle and loving soul.  I come away with more clarity, closer to understanding my higher-self and more focus. Helena’s approach is pure loving and you do feel like you are being swaddled in loving care. Her manner is quietly spoken but finely tuned into where you are and I always feel that she has seen me and the deeper issues I have come to discover with her astute awareness.”

K-J, Adelaide, Australia