Are you destined for a new reality?

If that’s an “OH YES!” then JOIN ME as you launch YOURSELF

into POWER and PURPOSE. 

It’s time to KNOW YOURSELF as the

Divine Creative Powerhouse that you are.

Are you destined for a new reality?

If that’s an “OH YES!” then JOIN ME as you launch YOURSELF


It’s time to KNOW YOURSELF as the

Divine Creative Powerhouse that you are.

Welcome Divine Sensitive Soulful Being…


In all honesty… you are sitting on DIVINE POTENTIAL. I’ll show you where it is.

IF you are ready to leap into a new relationship with yourSELF, live your purpose and release your true potential from suffering and hiding then you are in the right place! 

Your soul is calling you forward, you can feel it. Our world is calling us to live our powerful creative, loving SELF. Will YOU be one of them?

This sacred space is where you will be lovingly guided with clear focus to:

  • Awaken your divine eyes upon yourSELF,

  • Awaken YOUR HEART to loving yourSELF (not just everyone else) 

  • Enliven your creative centre of genius out of it’s slumber. 

My work with YOU is a fusion of Soul Energy Activation, Spiritual Guidance, Energy Vortex Tools, Down-to-Earth Transformation Strategy, Power Healings and laser-focused Intuitive Insight.

It’s time to break-up with your old reality and live into that TRUE VISION of your sacred SELF, embrace your spiritual gifts and own your creative power with honour. 

The truth is…if you are doing lots of self work BUT still finding yourself currently stuck in constant overwhelm, emotional confusion and burdened by a need to find your true purpose.. this is a CHOICE.

If you desire that feeling of ALIVENESS that comes from a deep connection with your divine limitless potential and creative brilliance, it’s 100% possible for you, when you decide to commit to yourself, your soul calling and get exquisite SUPPORT and GUIDANCE from ME.

IF you are ready to Reawaken your Sacred SOUL brilliance, open your heart to yourSelf and reframe the pain of your past into your POWER and PURPOSE I invite you to book in for your FREE SOUL CONSULT 

We work together to stabilise a NEW IDENTITY AS YOU.


I work with Spirit  and channel every session as we move towards your HIGHEST VISION of YOURSELF. Transforming the stories of your past into a true realisation of your power and purpose.


IMAGINE waking up in the morning feeling ALIVE with the confidence and deep knowing that your life is on a perfect, purposeful trajectory to expressing your brilliance.


Working with Helena opens up a magical space for me to understand and experience my life in a new way. With her guidance, I step into a world full of promise, kindness and infinite creativity. All that is required is for me to fully imagine my brave new world—and to have the courage to keep stepping into it. Helena’s wise counsel and loving presence catalyse a shift in my awareness so that I can effortlessly access my own intuitive wisdom and know what is right for me. This carries on into my life. Helena’s insight and compassion inspire me to be the person I want to be, and to keep creating the life I want and the world I want to live in.

Michele McCrea Ph.D of 7 Gateways to Inner Wisdom

You don’t actually have to change who you are dear divine, sensitive one… in order to experience happiness. You will be guided to APPRECIATE, LOVE and HONOUR the divine being that you are in a way you have not been able to do ALONE.

“Lost” used to be my middle name… I know what it’s like to live a life floating in other people’s energy, seeking refuge in my spiritual life and feeling desperate to find my purpose and use my “gifts” with NO IDEA HOW TO GET THERE …

I know that right now it may feel so hard for you to imagine a new reality for yourself. BUT I KNOW that you are courageous and determined and are destined to awaken your true potential wherever it may be!

The truth is it’s actually way better out here than I even ever imagined…

I have truly never been happier and felt more ALIVE and I have the tools, LOVE and creative genius awake in me to keep quadrupuling my power and anchoring my purpose.


It all comes DOWN to LOVE

If I can Live in my power and purpose without sacrificing my soul


I am here as your personal Spiritual Guide and Transformation Expert to activate your whole BEING into alignment with your SOUL vibration. I will love you into your Brilliance, Freedom and Purpose.

I guide you to your own INNER WISDOM and I’ll show you how to consistently claim your own inherent divine power and the REAL YOU that is waiting here.

By letting go of suffering and victimhood, realising your vibration of LOVE and tapping into your creative centre of genius you will awaken into YOUR TRUE REALITY. Commit to yourself.

It’s time to uplevel your life and come alive.

To you, the greatest of creations,

love, love, love



“A friend of mine recommended I should go and work with Helena Lee. On meeting her I felt a very centred, gentle and loving soul.  I come away with more clarity, closer to understanding my higher-self and more focus. Helena’s approach is pure loving and you do feel like you are being swaddled in loving care. Her manner is quietly spoken but finely tuned into where you are and I always feel that she has seen me and the deeper issues I have come to discover with her astute awareness.”

K-J, Adelaide, Mother of three and warrior for the Earth